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Bangkok Art Book Fair acts as a platform for contemporary art books and contemporary art print medium makers / publishers / collectors / public audience for sharing the like-minded passion and interests in contemporary art books together. The annual event is comprised of artist books, art book makers and independent publishers, art book launches, talks and lectures, workshops and art book archival exhibitions.


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How can graphic design contribute to the society?

The Rambutan Project is a platform that explores the potential of graphic design as a tool for social development in order to redefining the role of graphic design in Thailand. The ongoing platform is incarnated into offline and online activities which invite people to exchange ideas and explore the possibilities of how graphic design can make contribution to the society.

Art Direction & Content – Studio 150
Illustration – Bell Lewchalermwong

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The collection of curated items made by those who have never called themselves designers and also never hailed as design pieces by anyone. The story and design concepts behind everyday items shall be revealed to support the belief that design is truly not only about beauty nor luxury.
Door to Asia


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Postcard from RT is an proposed online platform project which aims to rebuild and strengthen the local community of survivors in Rikuzentakata after the destruction from the earthquake incident in 2011. Using the format of postcards as a communication tool, not only to share the story of the local community to attract tourists, but also for the locals to exchange morale and to rediscover the value of their local wisdom as well. This proposed online platform is a proposed project result from the DOOR to ASIA, a designers in residence program.
Thailand Creative
& Design Center


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The research unfolds the key ingredients that foster the Kai Hua Ror comic magazine to prosper yet, remain their iconic identity which establishes since 1973. Analyzing from the compiled gags across the 50 years span, the research unveils that the key DNA of the comic has been passed on visually through the iconic characters and scenes which any comic writers can adopt and adapt them into their own style in order to create unique content. Moreover, the media of Kai Hua Ror has evolved through time to best fit with the behaviour of the consumers. The content also involves the storyline of the current events and everyday living of people to create engagement with the audience.Lastly, the characters are now also become platform which anyone can make use of it as well. The Key Ingredient of Kai Hua Ror Comic Magazine Research is a part of content research for Humour Business exhibition of Thailand Creative & Design Center.

Thailand Creative
& Design Center


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Is accessibility to energy the new basic need?

Energy Area Map Survey aims to uncover the role of electricity in the urban lifestyle where digital technology has become an essential part of life. After a series of interviews with a group of design students whose spend their time working in cafe or co-working space on laptops, a plotted map of cafes in Siam Square area, Bangkok, with rating for the idealness to spend time working on their laptops was produced. The activity revealed that one of the key factors that has been taken into account is the number of plugs available. It furthermore, captured the emerging meaning of energy in urban lifestyle where the energy accessibility has increasingly become the new necessity.The Energy Area Map Survey is part of the Survey of Discourse on Energy Sharing in Public Spaces and Media-Assisted Campaigns for Thailand Creative & Design Center.

Design Academy

10/1000 BOOK :

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In response to the controversial closure plan of library of Design Academy Eindhoven, 10/1000 Book is an activity model that extended the role of the librarian, the key driver of the library. The activity involved creating a paper bookshelf which displaying books which had been used extensively by the students as references and keep tracks of all the books which had been used in order to keep the data throughout the year.
STUDIO 150 is a Bangkok-based graphic design studio which specialises in translating information into communication strategy through typographic approach for wide range of works from corporate identity, print media, environmental graphic, website to exhibition for many private companies and public institutions.

With an interest on uncovering information, our work has extended to conducting commissioned design research and initiating our own projects such as “Whether Is It Art or Not”, a visualised catalogue that tells the story of Chavalit Sermprungsuk. They also run a graphic design educational platform “The Rambutan” and co-founded “Bangkok Art Book Fair” together with Bangkok CityCity Gallery.


128 Ekkamai 12-14
Sukhumvit 63 Wattana Bangkok
10110 Thailand


︎ Piyakorn Chaiverapundech

Piyakorn is the founder of Studio 150 and The Rambutan Graphic Design Platform. He studied and received the MA in Graphic Design with the unique typography and storytelling skills from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague, CZ. He always uses graphic design for both communication and even statement expression. Currently, Piyakorn is a graphic design lecturer at leading graphic design schools in Thailand.

︎ Pat Laddaphan

Pat graduated Master of Information Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, NL in 2014. She loves working with complex data such as research and content curation. Pat has been teaching at Chulalongkorn University and School of Architecture and Design (SoA+D) since 2015. In 2016, Pat founded Studio 150 with Piyakorn.




● 2015

Night of Scientists, UMPRUM, Prague,
Czech Republic

UMPRUM Attack, Czech National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

New Life, UMPRUM, Prague, Czech Republic

● 2014

Design & Journalism: Investigation beyond what we know, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

26th Brno Biennial 2014, International Exhibition, Brno, Czech Republic

● 2011

Adam’s Love, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

● 2007

Tokyo Print International, Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Museum, Tokyo, Japan

● 2018

Data / Storytelling & Book
at Bangkok Art Book Fair 2018,
Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Do we need to save the world?
The workshop on social engagement graphic design topic at TCDC Commons

● 2017

TCDC : Creativity Onwards
(Data Visualisation)
at TCDC Bangkok

The Tools for
Creating and Delivering a Message
at The Association of Siamese Architects (ASA)

Data / Storytelling & Book
at Bangkok Art Book Fair 2017,
Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Graphic Design Meets the Society
at Department of Media Arts,
Chiang Mai University

Graphic Design Meets the Society
at TCDC Commons

● 2016

Graphic Design Meets the Society
at The school of Architecture and Design (SoA+D), Chulalongkorn University
and Soy Sauce Factory Art Space

Creative Arts department
(Graphic Design),
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts,
Chulalongkorn University

Communication Design
Department of Industrial design,
Faculty of Architecture,
Chulalongkorn University

Communication Design,
The school of Architecture
and Design (SoA+D),
King Mongkut’s University
of Technology Thonburi

Communication Design,
Mahidol University International

Visual Communication Department,
School of Fine and Applied Arts,
Bangkok University

Department of Communication Arts
and Design, Faculty of Architecture,
King Mongkut’s Institute of
Technology Ladkrabang

Academy of Art, Architecture
and Design in Prague

Antalis Asia Pacific

AP (Thailand)

Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Design Academy Eindhoven

National Gallery Bangkok

One Bangkok

Thailand Creative
and Design Center (TCDC)

Thailand Social Innovation Platform

Thai Film Archive

Thinkk Studio

United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP)

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